Emma Watson Red-Faced As Her Phone Plays Tina Turner Ringtone during an Interview

Red-faced Emma Watson was left startled as her phone went off during an interview on ITV’s Lorraine, revealing her cool ringtone.

In the middle of the interview with her host Mark Heyes, her mobile phone suddenly rang and blasted out Tina Turner’s hit single “Steamy Windows”.

The 26-year-old Emma was greatly embarrassed, making the episode even more hilarious. Emma was discussing her latest film, Colonia when someone called. The actress quickly tried to put her phone off, as Mark played down the incident telling Emma that she had the finest ringtone ever. 

Emma still tried to play it down saying that she was happy she had been forgiven simply because it was a cool ringtone; otherwise it would have been more embarrassing. A mortified Emma said, “That is Tina Turner. It is my phone, It’s is so embarrassing!”

How adorable is Emma at that juncture? And still remain so professional. Everyone seems to adore her so much with photo hosting site Fansshare reporting on her immense shyness following an interview with the star. Don’t forget how fabulous the Beauty and the Beast actress was dressed for the interview! She said that she enjoys experimenting and keeping her fashion style fun at all times.

But she also revealed that she often gets anxious at those film openings. She told Mark that she still doesn’t understand it since she has been in the business since she was 10 years old. Emma has already said that she is taking a lead role in the movie, which is set to be released early next year.

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Christine Teigen is flawless

On 30th June we discovered that regardless of all her flawless qualities, Chrissy Teigen is unquestionably not the individual you need to be in a crisis with. The model and cookbook writer survived a frightening knowledge on Thursday, escaping from her Los Angeles inn room half-stripped with her child Luna close behind because of — sit tight for it — a non-required crisis drill. 

What’s more, to our joy, Teigen completely recorded her trial on online networking, Instagramming, and Snapchatting the entire disaster.

Teigen clarified that the inn warned the visitors about the drill — oh dear, futile. “Our lodging cautioned us the previous evening they were doing a crisis penetrate today, yet despite everything I went crazy and kept running outside half bare with the infant,” she tweeted. 

“Genuinely thought it was over for us. Can never demonstrate my face around these representatives until kingdom comes.” The 30-year-old additionally said she vomited. “I don’t handle fake injury well,” she composed on Twitter. 

No joking. Teigen additionally shared a video on Twitter guaranteeing everyone that they were okay. “We simply need to thank all of you for your supplications and your great wishes,” she kidded. “We’re alright. Feeling honored.”

All things considered, at any rate, it would seem that the new mother has as of now got the entire infant sparing maternal-sense thing down.

Our inn cautioned us the previous evening they were doing a crisis penetrate yesterday yet regardless I blew a gasket and kept running outside half bare with the child

Kate Upton at the Met Gala looking incredible

On May 2nd, 2016, Kate Upton attended the Met Gala. The big engagement ring she wore on her finger clearly announced her engagement. Upton had kept the secret that she had accepted the marriage proposal from Pitcher Justin Verlander who is 33 years old for three weeks.

However she later spilled the beans and confirmed her engagement in an interview with the E!News. Kate went on to say how he proposed to her before the baseball season started. 

However she said that there was no set date for the wedding. She added that she was excited to share the news with everyone and that they are enjoying their engagement period.

More news are that, model and actress Upton has rejected the ‘plus size’. Upton is known for her curves and she was thrilled to see women of different shapes in the cover of 2016 sports. 

She told E! News that she was excited to see the three women that were featured in the three different covers. She said that they were all stunning and amazing in a bikini and hence no woman should ever be labeled according to her shape or size.

On June 10th, 2016 Kate Upton turned 24. She celebrated her birthday on wednesday night. The party was hosted by Carine Roitfeld. Upton’s friends and her fiance Justine all seemed to enjoy the party. 

Kate the birthday girl partied her pants off. An insider confirmed to E! News that the party was a real fun and that Kate Upton looked amazing. Justin was doting on Kate throught the night.